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INA Alert's messaging software allows you to instantly notify your employees via text and email. Instead of spending hours on the phone trying to reach your staff, a simple text can deliver your message in seconds. It will save you time, money and stress.
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Video Intercom and Doorbells
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Wired and Wireless Nurse Call Systems
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Keeping an "eye" on your equipment is a MUST! Let INAalert install your security system to protect your assets!
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Custom Surveillance Solutions
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What if you have a critical device that you simply have to know has powered? What happens if the power fails? Or your backup generator fails to kick in? Do you have the manpower to have someone physically watch the device 24x7? Using INAalert's Power Failure Alerts, you and your team will receive a text alert when the power fails and then when it is restored! You will know, giving peace of mind.
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This multifunctional Motorola Solutions, Avigilon piece of equipment can function as a surveillance camera, Access Control, Audio Intercom, and Doorbell. It can connect visitors with staff anywhere!

INAalert is a Woman-owned, Family run business. We pride ourselves on exceptional quality and service but with a home town feel.

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